HUSH Acoustical Wall Tiles are made in the USA.


Sound easily bounces between hard surfaces and parallel walls. Human voices, HVAC systems, and electronic equipment all contribute to the undercurrent of "flutter echo" as sounds bounce and rebound from one surface to another.

HUSH™ Acoustical Tiles from Compatico are the easy, attractive, economical, and efficient way to reduce distracting noise and reverb from your office environment.

HUSH™ Acoustical Tiles are made from 85% recycled cellulose, which outperforms the acoustical characteristics of fiberglass. Covered with your choice of coustically-absorbant fabric, HUSH™ Acoustical Tiles are engineered for active environments to absorb and diffuse unwanted sounds and improve productivity. HUSH™ Acoustical Tiles have an average NRC rating of 0.70, considered the sweet spot for an ideal acoustical environment.

Contains NO fiberglass; 100% recyclable.

Class A Fire Rating on core material (flames spread at 15-25; under 450 smoke; ASTM E84; UL 723). Check manufacturer's specs for fabric fire rating.

Absorbs and scatters sounds for maximum noise reduction.

Reduces cross-talk interference making it easier to understand conversations.

Reduces flutter echo for podcast and video recordings.

Available in thousands of fabric coverings.

Available in thousands of fabric coverings. Full color printing also available on any tile.

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